Sweetness comes naturally.

Our renown Pina Colada mix is a blend of delicious ingredients. And you’ll be amazed that such incredible taste can come with 1/5 the calories of a traditional Pina Colada! The secret is in our unique blend of natural ingredients:

  • Real Coconut Cream—rich and creamy
  • Naturally Sweet Pineapple Flavor

Together, they create a smooth flavorful tropical drink that will delight and excite your taste buds. Plus, you can indulge since our Pina Colada mix uses Sucralose as a sweetener—not sugar.

Sucralose is popular because it closely replicates the taste of real sugar, but is 600 times sweeter! So a little goes a long way—making it the perfect ingredient for a drink that’s low on calories and huge on taste!

The result is sensational flavor that make SLIMROCK™ ™ Pina Coladas as delicious as they are guilt free! Enjoy our Pina Colada virgin or with your favorite rum and see for yourself…it will be love at first sip.

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